boyz in the Woods at l’Accueil Breton

New live pics of Boyz

Just have a taste of the warm vibes in Alain’s café during the show!

Boyz à l'Accueil Breton 00  Boyz à l'Accueil Breton 01  Boyz à l'Accueil Breton 02  Boyz à l'Accueil Breton 03  Boyz à l'Accueil Breton 04  Boyz à l'Accueil Breton 05  Boyz à l'Accueil Breton 06  Boyz à l'Accueil Breton 07  Boyz à l'Accueil Breton 08


Working on the soundtrack of Mix Mex!

Music for Tro-Héol’s new creation 2016

Because it’s often difficult for me to communicate when I am starting new stuff, I stayed fairly discreet until here. But now the score is almost done, I can tell you then: Tro-Héols’ new venture’s gonna be compelling!

This new play is an adaptation by Martial Anton on Luis Sepúlveda‘s fable The story of a cat and the mouse that became his friend

Luis Sepúlveda - The story of a cat and the mouse that became his friend-minI created and recorded the main music themes in last April, using my favorite instruments – electric guitar, double bass, uke – and when needed, I added tracks of glockenspiels, nose whistles, tubas.

Thinking about the possible directions I could take, the flat where Mix & Mex live made me let the music material get through the walls, roll freely through dreams and reality, fantasy and pure action.

Vince recording Mix Mex's soundtracklet's create!-min 400x300




 Mix Mex! soundtrack recordings

I finally completed Boyz in the Woods - Oct 2015the recordings by inviting Alain, the drummer of Boyz in the Woods. Definitively, his drums tracks bring the music to a new level!

When the tour begins, come at Mix and Mex’s flat, and see what happens!

Boyz at Apéros Klam – Pics!

Rainy Day

The rain could not discourage the team of Apéros Klam who had planned a fallback toward Sainte Anne d’Auray’s sports room, nor the audience who came for Boyz in the Woods. Enjoy the photo-gallery!

Boyz Klam gig 03 Boyz Klam gig 04 Boyz Klam gig 05 Boyz Klam gig 06 Boyz Klam gig 07 Boyz Klam gig 08 Boyz Klam gig 09 Boyz Klam gig 010 Boyz Klam gig 011 Boyz Klam gig 012 Boyz Klam gig 013


Panama gig photos

Garden music

It’s only during the night that the first drops fell, fortunately for everybody who came to the Panama, the outdoor gig of Boyz in the Woods took place under the sun! Enjoy the following shots (photos Emilie Cardi)